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Dog Friendly Artificial Grass

agp grass pet friendly

One of the key benefits of our artificial grass, and the reason why it is becoming so popular with dog owners, is that it is stain resistant, meaning a patch-free lawn! Many people considering an artificial lawn query as to whether pets, especially dogs, will ruin the grass and leave dead or discoloured urine patches. However dog owners can be assured to have a year-round green luscious lawn, as any dog mess does not stain the grass, and is easy to wash away! Gone are the days of patchy lawns, and trying to repair discoloured stains!

Dogs also love the feel of the artificial grass. Dogs love soft, spongy surfaces to laze around or play on, and will more readily do their business on such a surface. This is also a huge benefit to new dog owners, as it makes puppy training a lot easier, as puppies will be less inclined to go on carpets if they have a squishy surface in the garden! As well as this, the lawn is self-cleaning – the fibres do not absorb any stains, meaning that as soon as there is a shower of rain the lawn is left refreshed and clean.

Many pet owners also find it difficult and frustrating in trying to keep the house clean and free of muck from outdoors. Especially during wet, rainy seasons, gardens can become increasingly muddy, most of which will inevitably end up indoors off pets paws! Artificial grass provides a solution to this problem, and provides owners with reassurance that the mud will stay outside! The permeable material of the lawn drains rain water away, enabling pets to go outdoors in all weather conditions, without the worry of them getting wet and muddy.

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