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Child Friendly Artificial Grass

agp grass child friendly

Ever worried about how much damage children’s toys and activities are doing to your lawn? Ultimately over the years, kids playing in the garden can wear down the grass and as a consequence your garden would require frequent attention to keep it looking in tact!

However, more and more family homes are considering artificial grass as a solution in keeping a frequently used garden looking pristine and luscious all year round. With artificial grass technology having come on leaps and bounds in the last couple of years, it is now becoming increasingly popular in replacing old, tired looking lawns which not only look unbelievably indistinguishable to real turf, but also require virtually no maintenance.

One of the great things about artificial grass that makes it extremely favourable for a family home with children is that it is an all year round, weather proof material, meaning kids can play outside come rain or shine. The permeable grass and aggregate sub-base allows rain water to be quickly drained away, meaning in wet weather, the lawn does not become muddy or boggy. As well as this, it is UV stable so will not fade in sunlight! This makes our artificial grass ideal for kids, as, along with its soft spongy texture which kids love to play on, parents don’t have to worry about muddy, soggy or grass stained clothes!

Our artificial grass has a lifetime installation guarantee and is extremely durable, no matter what activities, sports or games are carried out on the lawn.  It is a great investment for family homes as you will find that, unlike real turf, artificial grass will not wear or require extensive maintaining, weeding or mowing.

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