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Artificial Grass – Making The Pile Stand Up

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    A lot of people ask about how they make the pile of their artificial lawn stand up to give it that thick green look. The answer to this question depends on what type of artificial grass you have. 

    Artificial Grass is delivered in rolls like carpet and these rolls are wound tight meaning the pile of the grass is compressed in one direction. Due to this all artificial grass will look flat when rolled out by your installer. Many grasses require a sand infill with silica sand where the installer will brush sand into the grass fibres and this acts as a support for the yarn forcing them to stick up. The down side to these grasses is that having sand in your artificial lawn will mean pets and children will bring it into the house.

    At AGP Grass we only supply and install artificial grass that doesn’t require an infill. Our grasses are manufactured with springy thatch yarns deep in the pile. The brown thatch acts as a support for the main pile, but also adds a further dimension of realism, simulating blades of dead grass that you find in a natural turf lawn.

    artificial grass

    Even with this clever technology our grasses will arrive flat after transport and there are several methods we will use during and after installation to make sure your lawn will look its best.


    Power Brushing

    Every lawn laid by the AGP Team is brushed with a rotary petrol brush. This is important, especially in winter where the temperature of the grass from the warehouse will be cold, inhibiting the pile from standing up. Petrol power brushes can be hired from larger tool hire outlets, we also offer a manicure and care package that you can take advantage of.


     Heat is a huge factor in seeing the best from your artificial grass. Once the grass has been heated in the sun to 20 degrees Celsius or more, the grass will ‘pop its pile’. This means that the straight yarns and supporting thatch yarns stand up in the heat and allow the grass to truly exit its ‘transport mode’. Once in this state, your artificial grass will stay stood up and will not need brushing up that regularly under normal use. 


    As you can see in the picture, the grass looks flat and shiny.


    afterAfter just 15 minutes in the direct sunlight the grass has popped its pile, allowing the yarns to stand up giving it that deep and lush look.

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