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AGP Autumn & Winter Care

AGP Autumn and Winter Care

A major reason why anyone invests in an artificial grass surface is that it takes only a minimal investment in time to keep it looking and feeling great all year round.
To help you keep your artificial grass in great shape throughout the Autumn and Winter months we suggest you follow a few simple rules that ensure that your grass stays in superb shape.

Remove Leaves and Clean
Throughout Autumn leaves will gather on the surface so it is important that the surface is regularly blown and that all the leaves are removed. It only takes a few minutes every week but by doing so it will stop the leaves rotting and affecting the drainage and algae and moss forming on the surface. Rotting leaves can affect the drainage holes on the back of the grass so please regularly blow or remove the leaves from the surface.

By applying a diluted AGP cleanser and sanitiser once per month will keep the surface smelling wonderful and will kill any bacteria, algae or moss that forms on the surface. Simply dilute our Cleansers 1:20 with water and brush with a stiff bristled brush (no metal brushes) the surface in all directions. We recommend that the surface is cleaned and brushed once every month so that the pile is revitalised and keeps the grass in pristine shape.

Frost and Rain
As the temperature dips below freezing, your artificial grass will freeze, like everything else. Simply leave the frost to melt naturally before use. Do not use shovels or rakes on frozen turf as you will tear the fibres and ruin your grass. Let the ice melt away naturally before use.

As a general rule wait for your surface to dry before you use it in the Winter Months. Artificial grass drains and dries rapidly.

To care for your lawn throughout the year we recommend that you invest in the following:

  • Hose to regular wash the lawn down
  • AGP cleaner and sanitiser to remove any harmful bacteria, moss or algae that can form on the surface. Dilute with water 1:20 parts.
  • A stiff bristle brush
  • Rake or blower to remove debris and leaves

Need a hand? 

AGP offers multiple Artificial Grass care and maintenance packages.
Find out more about our maintenance services and AGP cleaner & sanitiser here.

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