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Help Children Stay Active With Coloured Artificial Grass

coloured artificial grass

We’ve previously spoken about how artificial grass could help you meet your Ofsted requirements as a school or nursery. But artificial grass can also help kids develop an initial interest in being active, and crucially, help them retain that interest – especially coloured artificial grass.

If you’re a school or nursery looking to encourage physical activity in the children under your care, here are just a few reasons to consider coloured artificial grass.

It Makes Exercise Fun

AGP’s Multiplay artificial grass comes in a range of colours which means you can create bespoke play areas. Whether you want to create a dedicated hopscotch area or a human chessboard grid, you can craft quirky, bright and creative play areas for children to enjoy. You can teach the children that exercise and physical activity doesn’t have to be a chore – it can actually be incredibly fun! A multicoloured play area is much more inviting than a regular green one.

It Helps Nurture Imaginations

Children, especially nursery-aged children, have the capacity for wonderful imaginations. Exciting, multicoloured play areas will help to inspire and nurture children’s imaginations and allow their creative juices to flow. Once they’ve had one adventure on your artificial grass play area, they will be only too eager to get back out and play.

It Provides A Safe Place For Play

It’s common knowledge that children like to rough and tumble every now and again. And even the most careful kids can trip up and fall. All of our school products, including the Multiplay range, are supplied with a shock absorbent cushion pad, as standard. This provides fall height protection for children certified to BS EN 1177:2008 standard. When children feel safe, they’ll be more willing to get out there and play, again and again.

You Can Create Interactive Zones

Play doesn’t have to be one dimensional. Through the use of different coloured artificial grass, schools and nurseries can create interactive zones of play which makes physical activity that much more fun!

It Provides a Consistent Play Area All Year Round

Installing Multiplay artificial grass at your school or nursery means you’ll have a safe, durable and even play area all year round – regardless of the weather. This means kids can stay active whatever the season and they won’t find the grass too muddy and slippy when it’s raining, or too rough and bare when the sun has been shining. If kids know they have a quality place to play all year round, they’ll stay active all year round.

Contact us at AGP Grass for more information on our Multiplay artificial grass. You can even request a free sample to see how it would fit in your school.

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