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St. Johns Primary School, Spalding

March 2018, Daily Mile Track &  Outdoor Gym Installation

AGP Play are delighted to announce their latest installation at St Johns Primary School in Spalding. The children can now remain active all year round through a variety of stimulating activities.

Installed AGP Play Outdoor Gym Equipment:
  • AGP Peddle Bike
  • AGP Children’s Rowing machine
  • AGP Children’s Horse Rider
  • AGP Strength Challenger
  • AGP Sky Stepper
Blue Daily Mile Multiplay Track
Red Multiplay
Outdoor Gym
399m2 Installed
AGP Daily Mile Tracks

The Daily Mile allows children of all ages to improve all aspects of their general health through exercise. AGP Play build Daily Mile Tracks in various colours shapes and sizes. As a company, we work with the school to ensure we provide a product that suits your requirements and budget.

Given our Daily Mile tracks are incredibly resilient to wear and tear, you will be able to have an impact on your pupils wellbeing for years to come. The project has also been considered to increase concentration levels too, meaning you will have a quieter classroom!

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