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Meet The Orr’s


It’s day 3 at Dobfront Infant School in Sheffield and The Orr’s are in the final stages of completing a stunning blue area of artificial grass, designed around the school’s already existent play equipment. A job that is nonetheless described as “not a straight forward task” by the older of the family duo (Daddy Dave), going on to explain that they are working through lunch as a result.

Back last week, the Orr’s were working in Edinburgh on a nursery project – they now find themselves closer to home (Barnsley) and Andy is relishing having home cooked meals, having spent all his time at fast food restaurants whilst working away.


Dave: “Not for me those fast food restaurants, I’m watching my figure as you can tell.”

A disgruntled mumble from Andy resulted in Daddy Dave warning there wouldn’t be a tea time either if he didn’t get back to work.

Dave: “Too much talking. You see, Andy likes to spectate in this role and allow me to do all the work.”


Andy: “That’s funny, I seem to recall our first day on the job where I was working in torrential rain and you conveniently had to go and get the building supplies”.

Dave: “You’re never too old to be sent to the naughty corner, Andy.”

the hills


A roll of the eyes followed from the younger of the Orr’s as the two began to make the final amendments to the area. Despite their family bickers which never went further than a roll of the eyes, the two had a wonderful working relationship – which was evident through the end product.

The Orr's
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