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Daily Mile Track & MUGA Installation at Keyingham Primary School

With the help of AGP Play, Keyingham Primary School have completely transformed their old playing field into an exciting play area for their pupils.

The school have had a blue and red Multiplay track and a green Multi Use Games Area with green Dulok fencing installed. The Pupils at Keyingham Primary School will enjoy playing sports activities on their new MUGA and completing their Daily Mile.

Our installation was even featured in the local newspaper! The article reads about Keyingham Primary Schools grounds being ‘virtually unsuitable’ during the winter months because of flooding. AGP have transformed their outdoor space into a ‘state of the art’ MUGA and running track with drainage.

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The Daily Mile helps children keep fit physically and mentally. It also benefits children in so many more ways…

  • Reduces anxiety and stress, and children are happier.
  • Fitness and energy levels are improved.
  • Greater concentration is evident in class.
  • Health outcomes for life are improved with benefits to muscle, bone density, joints and cardiovascular health.
  • Classes experience the pleasure of being outdoors in all weather and engage with nature and the seasons.
  • The Daily Mile helps children towards achieving a healthy weight.
  • Helps to build confidence and self-esteem – all children succeed at The Daily Mile because it’s noncompetitive and fully inclusive. Children bring the benefits home, often eating and sleeping better and encouraging active family life.
  • As a social activity, it can improve existing relationships and reduce isolation.

AGP Play have provided hundreds of Schools across the UK with Daily Mile tracks. AGP Play tracks are installed with high quality resilient artificial grass that stands the test of time.

Are you considering installing a Daily Mile path at your school? With the government planning to review pupils activity at schools, now would be the perfect time to invest in an AGP Daily Mile Track.

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*Please note: a running track or speciality path is not a requirement to participate in The Daily Mile programme. For more information about The Daily Mile, please visit the website.


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