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Press: ”Holyoakes Field First School, in Redditch, opens new running track which enables students to jog 15 minutes a day as part of the Daily Mile initiative”


Redditch & Ancestor Advertiser  , By: Tom Davis

PUPILS at a Redditch school will be able to get fit by running or jogging for 15 minutes a day, thanks to the opening of their brand new running track.

MP Rachel Maclean dropped by to Holyoakes Field First School on April 27 to perform the ribbon cutting on their new Daily Mile Track, which cost £7,000.

Pupils at Holyoakes will be able to use the new running track to complete their Daily Mile – a national initiative set-up to help pupils get fit by jogging each day.

Headteacher Carol Newton said: “It is a wonderful addition to help everyone keep fit and healthy and we believe healthy bodies support healthy minds, which aids learning.

“We were very pleased that Rachel Maclean MP took time out of her busy schedule to visit the school and whilst she was here she donned her trainers to run around the track with some children and officially opened it.”

The Bridge Street school was able to purchase the track thanks to double the amount of sports funding offered through the Government’s Sugar Tax.

The track, which can be used by pupils, parents and staff, also has a centre piece so it can also be used for other sports.

Ms Maclean said: “It was a real honour to be asked to officially open Holyoakes’ brand-new running track. During my visit it was clear that pupils absolutely love this new facility.
“The Daily Mile is already having a positive impact on pupils at the Holyoakes and I will be encouraging more schools in Redditch to start their own Daily Mile.

“It’s also clear that the Government’s Sugar Tax is working as millions of pounds is being channelled into schools, including here in Redditch, to help improve pupils’ health and fitness.”

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