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Erhun Oztumer visits Highfield Primary School to take part in ”The Daily Mile ™”

Bolton Wanderers midfielder Erhun Oztumer visited Highfield Primary School in Bolton to meet the pupils and take part in their Daily Mile session. Being a professional footballer, he recognises the importance of exercise amongst young people, and keeping active!

Highfield Primary School have had a Blue Daily Mile track installed by AGP. The durable and all-weather tracks are great for Schools, enabling children to go outside and complete their Daily Mile whatever the weather. The track measures a total of 2m x 140m.

Erhun Oztumer spoke about how he enjoyed running on the Schools new track with the Children to complete their Daily Mile. He was enthusiastic about the running track the School have had installed, saying ‘we didn’t have this when I was in School you know, I think it’s great, the more activity the better for them.’

The Daily Mile takes just 15 minutes with no time spent changing, setting up or tidying up. Transitions between class and route should be slick. The Daily Mile is physical activity in a social setting and must be fun for the children. They can chat to their friends as they run along enjoying the experience together. It’s always fully inclusive – every child, every day. Children enjoy being outside in the different types of weather, connecting with nature and being aware of the seasons.



Having an initiative like The Daily Mile in schools really is a fantastic thing – there was nothing like this when I was at school and with technology and social media nowadays, kids probably don’t get as much exercise as they should. With this though, it makes it fun and something for them to look forward to alongside aiding them with their studies.

Erhun Oztumer, Bolton Wanderers

Erhun Oztumer briefly discussed childhood obesity, which is currently an issue within Schools in the UK. He mentioned how he thinks ‘kids should get out more and play sports.’ According the research from the NHS, Obesity levels have been increasing rapidly worldwide for the past two decades.

Erhun also briefly mentioned when he was younger he was always out playing on parks and how things have changed during time. Now children would rather stay in and play on consoles or computers.

The running tracks from AGP help tackle this issue by giving children a colorful track to run around and complete their Daily Mile every day during School time. This is helping children to get their daily exercise.


With more and more Schools taking part in activities such as the Daily mile, issues like childhood obesity could start rapidly decreasing.

Erhun Oztumer mentioned how footballers ‘are like Super Stars’ to children, so it is great to have him support one of his local Schools. His presence will encourage children to be outside on their running track and exercising.


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