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AGP Play Daily Mile Track at Elmridge Primary School

Elmridge Primary School had a natural Multiplay green track installed with yellow start and finish lines. ‘The track blends in with the surroundings of their playing fields, the trees and woodland play area.’ said Mark the Head teacher. It was important that the track looked natural in its surroundings, not only for the school but for the neighbours as their houses look onto the school playing field. The AGP green artificial grass Daily Mile track was perfect for the look and feel Mark wanted to achieve.

Mark said that he is ‘delighted with the overall finish and look of the track’. The children at the school enjoy it as well as the staff and even the pupil’s parents have got involved too!’ Children use the track during lesson and break times. The parents can also participate and use the track on Friday mornings and members of staff are also free to use the track in the evenings after school. ‘’It has been a good investment for the school as everyone is getting full use out of the track.’’

delighted with the overall finish and look of the track. The children at the school enjoy it as well as the staff and even the pupil’s parents have got involved too!

Mark, Head Of School

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Mark informed us that the children have just completed a marathon by adding up the distance that each child has ran together on the track.

‘’We think this is a great idea as it encourages children to take part in teamwork exercises as well as keeping fit. The children really enjoy their new facility. Mark also told us about how the track is helping tackle childhood obesity within the school.’’ The Daily Mile track doesn’t interfere with the original football and sports pitch in the centre of the track which the pupils enjoy using. Mark said he is happy that the pupils can safely use their track at the same time as other children are using the sports pitches, as they don’t interfere with one another.

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*Please note: a running track or speciality path is not a requirement to participate in The Daily Mile programme. For more information about The Daily Mile, please visit the website.


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