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Garden Drainage Issues


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Living in the UK we have to put up with the wonderful UK weather and unfortunately this can mean that the garden is out of bounds for months on end. However installing artificial grass will completely transform your garden and claim back your outdoor space.

As part of an artificial grass installation your installer will dig out the garden to a depth of around 100mm. This soil and grass is then disposed of and a stone and sand base is constructed to lay the grass on top of. In most cases this will alleviate drainage issues and banish your boggy, muddy garden into a distant memory.

Should your garden be excessively wet where water easily pools, as part of your installation, we can construct a deep soak away which takes the water away from the surface and deep into the ground. Most soak aways can deal with even the most torrential of rainfall, keeping your garden dry and mud free all year round.

Great news for kids and pets!

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