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Artificial Grass in New Build Homes

artificial grass

We are becoming aware that there are increasing complaints from home owners who have purchased new build properties, with the gardens being left a mess, leaving the home owner responsible for finishing the outdoor space. Therefore artificial lawns are being taken into consideration more and more by home owners as a time and cost effective solution to make the most out of the space in the garden.

Home Owners

As you may be aware, artificial grass offers many benefits which is why more and more people are choosing to replace their existing lawns with an artificial lawn. This has especially been the case with new build residential developments as artificial grass can complement the contemporary style of your new home as well as enhance the outdoor space. Often with new build homes the garden is left by developers as a muddy, disjointed patch and can take away the shine of the new property, therefore installing an artificial lawn can leave you with that desired, pristine finish to your home. Artificial grass takes away any stress of maintaining or relaying real turf, leaving you with more time to spend on putting the finishing touches to your new home!



When planning a new residential development, artificial grass is becoming a popular investment due to its durability and, with virtually not maintenance required, it opts as a time effective solution in order to get projects finished within a desired time frame. Ultimately the garden is an important aspect of a home to home owners, and especially with new build properties, the garden outside should reflect the quality of the home inside. An artificial grass installation will leave your project looking immaculate from the outside, and can enhance the design of your development.


Developers and Home Builders

As a home developer, completing a property with an artificial lawn can enable you to differentiate yourself from other developers, as it leaves buyers with a beautiful finish, and in the long term will be an investment to the home owner, reassuring them that they are left with long lasting, durable turf. Our artificial grass can also be a great selling point to your properties; by installing turf in showrooms it can add value to your developments and enhance your reputation

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