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AGP Artificial Grass Mats


Artificial grass mats are also ideal for early years teachers / parents wanting to create an imaginative play setting. Used at Farmers markets or green grocers, the mats are ideal for creating great window displays. They also make wonderful decorative additions to bespoke patio/garden areas

Sizes of the mats vary between 1m by 1m to 4m by 4m mats. For bigger sizes, there are off cuts available from 4 metres wide up to 8 metres long. Pile Height varies between 20 & 40 mm long.

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Artificial grass mats can be used indoor and outdoor, as doormats, garden, patio or house decoration, in playground or nursery areas as well as in pet areas such as kennels. As well as being versatile in use, these mats are extremely resistant to weather conditions and general wear and tear meaning they are a low maintenance option.

Although the mats are synthetic, they appear very natural and are very soft and light, they also won’t cause any allergies such as hay fever as they produce no pollen!

They can be cut in many different shapes such as squares or circles as well as coming in a variety of colours and sizes. Putting these hard wearing,slip resistant and colourful mats outside can encourage outdoor playtime for children as well as being an attractive and quirky addition to your garden our play area.

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