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Artificial Grass Sanitiser 1L Concentrate

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Price: £16.95  plus VAT  ( includes delivery) – Concentrate should be diluted 20:1 to water.

Non toxic AGP Deodoriser and Sanitiser specially developed for Artificial Grass, available in either a  1 litre bottle or 5 litre container.  Concentrate should be diluted 20:1 to water.

Breaks down any bacteria or odour and leaves your lawn as fresh as the first day it was installed. Perfect to counter any bacteria left by dog use or other animals.

Not only will this product clean and sanitise your artificial lawn but it will also leave an invisible ionic layer that protects your lawn from bacteria and viruses for 8 days following application. This product is child friendly, pet friendly, anti-viral, anti-bacterial and bio-degradable, recommended for use with dogs and children.


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