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artificial grass for a primary school

AGP Grass transformed 2 areas that were both unusable for the children of Our Lady’s throughout a large portion of the year. This was of significance as Our Lady’s Preparatory School is open 52 weeks a year. Our ‘Endurance 20’ artificial grass and 10mm cushion pad, AGP created a mud-free, all-weather outdoor play and learning environment for the children to use 365 days a year.

The Project

To create an outdoor environment that is safe, clean and suitable for multi-use, from football at break to a summer fair with a marquee.

The Area

1516m2 of open space & 538m2 of tree covered play areas with 2 trim trails to be incorporated. Both areas were prone to bog due to the high water table in the area, this combined with the tree cover meant that much of the areas with mud covered for a large portion of the year.


With our men on site for nearly 6 weeks, our highly skilled installers transformed the areas using our ‘Endurance 20’ grass. This project required a larger sub-base than usual with our teams excavating 160mm of soil and backfilling the area with 120mm of MOT (600 tonne) and 30mm of Grit Sand (180 tonne). Our 10mm cushion pad and artificial grass were then lay, the grass for this project was specially manufactured with rolls of up to 45m long and weighing up to 500kg.

Aesthetically, the school field looks wonderful and the children have gained so much space as the grass was fitted right up to the school boundaries in areas previously inaccessible. Playtimes have been a pleasure no matter what the weather, the pupils are able to access our outdoor areas at all times.

Helene Robinson , Headmistress

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