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ABC Nursery in Smethwick were in need of a new outdoor play area that was safe, clean and suitable for multi-use all year round.

AGP transformed 40 m2 of the nurseries play area with our Softplay 24 grass and 85 m2 with blue wet pour. With an AGP Artificial Grass & Wet Pour combination, you can create bright and colourful play areas that are safe and challenge the imagination of the children.

Both the children and the staff are very happy with their new space where the children can safely play, learn AND… keep their feet dry!

AGP came out to see us with some lovely ideas of what we could do with our garden, a competitive price was given and the installation starter. We were pleased with the overall end result and we have had such positive feedback from our parents. A great space that is easy to keep clean, is colourful and adaptable for many activities with our children.

Elizabeth Hill, Nursery Manager

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