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Heybrook Primary School get’s a total revamp with a fantastic MUGA!

Heybrook Primary School get’s a total revamp with a fantastic MUGA!

Talk about the perfect MUGA! We’ve just recently completed this brilliant project and love it!

Heybrook Primary School asked AGP Play to design and build a Green and Blue Multiplay MUGA for their pupils to enjoy and it has turned out perfectly!

Heybrook Primary decided to opt for a MUGA using our Multiplay surface. This surface is perfect for this MUGA – it is an all weather surface that is designed specially for recreational level play – perfect for the pupils at Heybrook! Using the latest texturised monofilament yarns, Multiplay surface is extremely durable and can be used wearing both normal school shoes and trainers. Compared to our Multisport surface, Multiplay offers a slightly slower paced surface that is ideal for teaching a wide range of sports at a recreational level whilst maintaining a perfect balance of ball bounce, ball roll and traction.

Just look how brilliantly their MUGA turned out!

PHOTO-2019-03-29-19-35-23 (1)

At AGP, we’re dedicated to to helping schools with MUGA’s, Mini MUGA’s and sport pitches to ensure students get the required stimulation, both physically and mentally. Our MUGA’s can be designed in all different shapes and sizes and we can easily accommodate for your space. Whilst creating your perfect MUGA, we’re always certain to keep your budget in mind – our experienced surveyors will asses your needs and go through everything so you can sit back and watch your perfect MUGA come to life!

Adding line markings to your MUGA is completely optional but we think it works incredibly well and allows students to play a variety of different sports, easily and more importantly, fairly – especially as sport can be very competitive!

Things to consider when designed your MUGA:

  • Grass Colour
  • Pitch Markings (and colour)
  • Fencing
  • Additional extra’s (football goals, basketball hoops etc

Not all schools opt to have their MUGA installed in a bright colour but it is an option – and a popular one at that! Our MUGA’s come in a variety of different colours and we think that having your MUGA in a colour creates a exciting surrounding for the children to exercise in!

If you’re considering creating a new, bright and engaging space for your students to play on then look no further. Get in touch with us below and we’ll send out one of our highly experienced surveyors who will assess your needs and design the perfect space for your children to enjoy and more importantly, enjoy keeping active in a fun way!

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