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Scole Primary Schools Brand New Daily Mile Track With Encouraging Line Markings!

Scole Primary Schools Brand New Daily Mile Track With Encouraging Line Markings!

The students of Scole Primary School enjoy a bright Blue and White Daily Mile Track and can now self motivate, thanks to our new Line Markings.

AGP were asked to design and build a new running track for the pupils at Scole Primary and we love how it has turned out. The school opted to have their track installed using our Multiplay surface which is perfect for this type pf track. Not only having their track installed using our bright Blue colour, Scole Primary also wanted us to add in line markings to the track.

Installing line markings on your Daily Mile track encourages students to keep pushing forward and helps them to focus and strive for more, both mentally and physically. Markings also encourage those students who may fear running or feel it perhaps isn’t their strong point. It gives them much more confidence and creates a fun and engaging way to exercise.

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AT AGP, we love being a part of the Daily Mile and we’ve designed and built hundreds of these tracks. The Daily Mile’s main aim is to get children out of the classroom for 15 minutes a day, running or jogging at their own pace making them fitter and healthier but the best thing about the Daily Mile is that it’s totally free! If you’d like more information on how you can participate the just head to the Daily Mile’s website here.

We think our tracks are a fantastic way to keep your children engaged and excited when it comes to exercising so if you’re considering having a track installed at your school then get in touch with us today and we’ll send out one of highly experience surveyors to assess your needs and create your perfect track!

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