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Dogs4Rescue benefit from huge AGP PLAY artificial grass donation!

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AGP changes dog’s lives at Dogs 4 Rescue!

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Dogs4Rescue is a unique, fun and independant dogs rescue located in a semi rural part of Manchester where the dogs live and play in a kennel free area. Whilst the dogs wait patiently for their new owners to come, they socialise and exercise outdoors which has only been enhanced further by AGP’s recent huge donation of artificial grass, all supplied and fitted for free!

Dogs4Rescue’s Emma Billington says ‘ Paul (owner) is a dog lover with a huge heart. He heard about our animal rescue, came to see how he could help and we received a playground of artificial grass all supplied and fitted for free, just to help us with our dream to revolutionise dog rescue. This has already made an incredible difference to all of our lives here, no more mud, less cleaning, the dogs love it and we’re having tonnes of fun making all kinds of things with the off cuts.

After some wonderful weather, the installers at AGP were able to fit it just in time for the dogs to enjoy and play in the sun. Dogs4Rescue said ‘This grass means more to us than the £20k that it would have cost us had we not been given it for free from the wonderful AGP Play’. The benefits from having artificial grass installed are not only the fun felt by the dogs but also the no more mess felt by Dogs4Rescue staff! It’s so easy to keep clean and requires minimal upkeep. The staff at Dogs4Rescue go on to say how ‘it is going to transform our home (no more mud) and our lives, along with the lives of our wonderful doggies’ which means less cleaning and more fun!

AGP Play will also continue to help and provide artificial grass to Dogs4Rescue in the future.


He (Paul) didn’t do it for anything other than he wanted to give back and has a passion for dogs. Aren’t we the lucky ones. He said he will continue to get help our way, we are overwhelmed to say the least.’

Emma Billington

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agpplay, dosg4rescue, agp,


AGP Artificial Grass is hugely resilient to wear and tear from the various daily actives of not only us but also animals such as the dogs at Dogs4Rescue. Thanks to the suitability of our artificial grass, your space could benefit from a clean and fun environment for years to come.
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