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Daily Mile Running Track with motivational line markings installed at Manor Fields Primary School.

Daily Mile running track with motivational line markings installed at Manor Fields Primary School!

During the cold weather we’ve been having recently, our team of installers have successfully installed a 300 metre Daily Mile Track at Manor Fields Primary School.

This Daily Mile track was installed using our Multiplay surface in green and we were also asked to include a 55mm white strip line marking every 50 metres. Having line markings on our Daily Mile tracks helps the pupils to stay motivated whilst completing their Daily Mile and gives the students a mental milestone to stick to, encouraging them to keep pushing forward.

Later, during the second half of the Spring term there will be lots of running events and activities for all the community to become involved with – we could even have a parents daily running club – just an idea!

Manor Field Primary School

The Daily Mile is a simple initiative which encourages primary schools and nurseries to take children outside running or jogging, at their own pace, for 15 minutes every day. Thanks to the installation of our Daily Mile Track, the students will be encouraged to stay healthy and keep active whilst enjoying being outside, turning running into a bit of fun for those students who may not have enjoyed it previously. Check out more information about the Daily Mile here and see how your school can participate in changing children’s attitudes towards health.

At AGP Play, we design and create paths that are suitable for the Daily Mile in a variety of colours, shapes and lengths to suit your budget and your available space. Manor Field Primary School opted for a Daily Mile Track using our Multiplay surface. This surface is extremely resilient to wear and tear from the various activities such as running and also to the ever changing weather conditions!

If you’d like your children to experience colourful surroundings then no problem! Our AGP Paths can be designed and created in a variety of colours, creating an exciting space for children to exercise and stay motivated – making exercise fun and engaging!

If you’re school or nursery is considering an affordable surfacing solution that is clean and virtually maintenance free then look no further. Request a free survey and we’ll send out one of our experienced surveyors to assess your outdoor space and help to visualise your goals. Just fill in the form below!

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