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6 Ways Fake Grass Can Benefit Your Doggy Day Care Centre

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Many doggy day care centres across the UK are seeing the benefits of having artificial grass installed on their premises – and you could too. Not only does it benefit the beautiful pups that are in your care, but it will make your life so much easier too.

If your doggy day care centre doesn’t currently have artificial grass, here are 6 reasons to get it installed today.

1. Less Mud and Muck

We all know that dogs, as cute and adorable as they are, can cause quite a mess. Whether it’s digging up grass, rolling around in dirt or just playing outside, dogs mixed with real grass can throw up a whole lot of mud and muck – especially when the weather is wet. However, with artificial grass, you can get rid of all the mess. Because artificial grass is fake it doesn’t produce any mud when it rains which means the dogs in your care can play and roll around to their heart’s content without getting covered in mud. And without traipsing it into your lovely doggy day care centre. Which obviously means less cleaning up for you to do! Also, when a dog goes to the toilet, it’s much easier to clean up after them if they do it on artificial grass; number one’s simply drain away and number two’s can easily be picked up without leaving a stain.

2. Creates a Year-Round Outdoor Space For Dogs to Enjoy

Dogs need outdoor areas to play in but a lot of the time, it isn’t feasible with the unpredictable weather that we have here in the UK. Saturated grass with rain isn’t an ideal play area for dogs, and in winter, natural grass often freezes over which also isn’t ideal. Artificial grass provides a year-round outdoor space for dogs to enjoy which means they don’t have to be cooped up inside feeling frustrated, and they can get the exercise and mental stimulation needed to stay healthy.

3. Cost-Effective

Maintaining a natural lawn might seem like a cheaper option compared to the initial price of installing artificial grass, however, opting for artificial grass is actually a more cost-effective solution. That’s because once your artificial grass is installed – that’s it! There’s no hidden costs or maintenance fees to worry about, all you need to do is give it a brush every few weeks to keep the pile looking fresh. Conversely, maintaining a natural lawn to a high standard is actually pretty costly. There’s the cost of running a lawnmower, watering during summer and the cost of any chemicals or pesticides to get rid of weeds and pests. It all adds up!

4.  Creates a Good Impression

A brilliant, healthy looking lawn catches the eye and will create a positive and lasting impression for potential customers. Dog owners want to know they’re leaving their beloved pet in good, safe hands and in a welcoming environment. A healthy looking lawn gives just that impression and will have a positive impact on your business.

5. No Need for Chemical Usage Which Could Harm Dogs

As we’ve already mentioned, a natural lawn often needs chemicals or pesticides to keep away pesky weeds and pests. Some of these can be harmful to dogs which means the lawn has to be a no-go area for a set period of time before the dogs are allowed back out again. Keeping dogs cooped up inside can be stressful for both doggy care workers and the dogs themselves. By installing artificial grass, you’re taking away the need for chemical usage because no weeds will grow and pests won’t be attracted to artificial blades.

6. Low Maintenance

Running a doggy day care centre is pretty demanding. Looking after the wellbeing of multiple dogs, ensuring they’re fed, watered and cleaning up after their business requires a lot of dedication and work. And once the pups have gone home, there’s a lot of cleaning and organising to be done for the next day. This includes ensuring the outdoor space is up to scratch. Whether it’s weeding, watering or mowing, it can be pretty taxing caring for a natural lawn. Artificial grass however, is extremely low maintenance. It doesn’t grow so it doesn’t need mowing, it doesn’t require water to thrive and the prospect of weeds is a non-issue. Simply give it a brush every few weeks to keep the pile up and there you have it. It makes sense to remove something from your lengthy to-do list doesn’t it?

If you’d like to find out more about our artificial grass for dogs, please contact the team at AGP Grass today.

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