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Daily Mile Path St John’s RC Primary School

We are delighted with our latest Daily Mile installation at ”St John’s Primary School’ in Rickmansworth where AGP Installed a 140 meters long blue Multiplay track. The children can now easily complete their mile a day, regardless of the weather!


We are absolutely delighted with our new ‘Daily Mile’ track. The children are really excited to be using it and it will help in our drive to develop the physical well-being of our current pupils and pupils of the future. The installation team were incredibly professional and hard-working, considering the health and safety of the pupils at all times. Many thanks to AGP Grass

Tony Hall, Head of School


With the government tasking schools to tackle childhood obesity, what are you doing to help your pupils stay fit? Schools nationwide are committing to The Daily Mile. The Daily Mile encourages thousands of primary and secondary school children to walk or run a mile a day. The aim of this is to improve their physical and mental health as well as their general wellbeing.

AGP design and build Daily Mile paths in a variety of colours, shapes and lengths to suit your available space and more importantly your budget.

AGP Daily Mile paths are hugely resilient to wear and tear from various activities such as running but also to the ever changing UK weather. Thanks to the sustainability of our paths, the Daily Mile legacy could be benefiting your school for years to come.

Liverpool John Moores University

Over the past few months, AGP have completed several installations at John Moores University in Liverpool. A university renowned for its dynamic and forward-thinking community, home to over 25,000 students.

We have installed our DURAPLAY 25 grass onto the walls and the floor of the John Moores Student Union, creating a friendly and relaxed vibe for the students to enjoy.

The University loved our work so much that they have commissioned the AGP team to return and start on another phase of the project which commences later this month.

john moores collage

How Artificial Grass could Help Your Inspection Requirements…

Schools, nurseries and other education providers are required to provide children with accessible facilities for physical education purposes.

With the government’s drive to reduce childhood obesity, it has never been more important to ensure that children have adequate facilities in which to exercise during allocated school time.

 Not only is readily accessible indoor and outdoor facilities beneficial for the physical development of children, it can be mentally stimulating too – as highlighted throughout The Daily Mile campaign.

The Daily Mile

 The Daily Mile initiative aims to “improve the physical, emotional and social health and wellbeing of our children – regardless of age or personal circumstances.”This is why it is essential that education providers have quality facilities available.

Schools, nurseries and other education providers not only have a duty of care towards children but they all have to satisfy certain inspection requirements. 

But it isn’t always easy to provide such facilities. Challenges that face many education providers include:

  • Unpredictable and adverse UK weather conditions
  • Muddy and messy environments
  • Lack of funding which impacts maintenance costs / budget.
  • Risk of accident and injuries to children

Why Choose Artificial Grass For Your School or Nursery

Here at AGP Grass, we are dedicated to helping schools, nurseries and education providers with sport pitches, trim trails and outdoor gyms to ensure children get the physical and mental stimulation they need.

Our artificial grass for schools and nurseries has already been installed in a range of education providers across the UK and has helped many receive positive inspection outcomes. 

All of our AGP artificial grass for schools are supplied with shock absorbent cushion pads for extra protection and are certified to a BS EN 1177:2008 standard. Available in 12 different colours, the artificial grass can be installed to any size or shape and has a full 10 year guarantee. Contact us to find out more about our products for schools and nurseries.

Spindle Point Primary School Transformed

Having been installed 15 years ago, the 110m2 trim trail at Spindle Point School was desperately in need of renovation…
Over Christmas 2016, AGP stripped back the existing surface and sub-base to create a level and durable sub-base before our skilled installers patiently cut in our new SoftPlay 24 artificial grass and 10mm cushion pad around the existing trim trail equipment to create a new, level, improved trim trail surround for the children of Spindle Point School to once again safely enjoy.

AGP Transforms A Step Ahead Nursery

Our AGP team worked hard on a stunning playground transformation at ‘A Step Ahead’ nursery in West Sussex.
In less than a week this muddy surface was transformed into a safe and great looking playground.  Both the children and the staff are very happy with their new space where the kids can safely play, learn AND… keep their feet dry!

Antonia Ogden Meade from A step Ahead nursery commented:
‘’We would like to thank Paul, Jo, Warren and team for the service they provided resulting in a fantastic all weather garden for our nursery. In 5 days, we went from a large muddy area to a fantastic and sumptuous green grassy garden which has resulted in a ‘wow’ from everyone who sees it.
From design to completion, the team couldn’t have been more helpful – even supporting us in the development of a risk assessment so we could still access some of the garden during the project.
Coincidentally, 3 days after installation we had an Ofsted inspection, and thanks to the garden being ‘good to go’, our garden was in full use and we were able to deliver our usual great activities to support the children’s learning and development outside (and in the rain – no mud to worry about!).Huge thanks to all at AGP! ‘’

Here are some before and after photo’s: 

img_5336     img_5328

img_5332      img_5333


AGP Autumn and Winter Care

AGP Autumn & Winter Care

A major reason why anyone invests in an artificial grass surface is that it takes only a minimal investment in time to keep it looking and feeling great all year round.
To help you keep your artificial grass in great shape throughout the Autumn and Winter months we suggest you follow a few simple rules that ensure that your grass stays in superb shape.

Remove Leaves and Clean
Throughout Autumn leaves will gather on the surface so it is important that the surface is regularly blown and that all the leaves are removed. It only takes a few minutes every week but by doing so it will stop the leaves rotting and affecting the drainage and algae and moss forming on the surface. Rotting leaves can affect the drainage holes on the back of the grass so please regularly blow or remove the leaves from the surface.

By applying a diluted AGP cleanser and sanitiser once per month will keep the surface smelling wonderful and will kill any bacteria, algae or moss that forms on the surface. Simply dilute our Cleansers 1:20 with water and brush with a stiff bristled brush (no metal brushes) the surface in all directions. We recommend that the surface is cleaned and brushed once every month so that the pile is revitalised and keeps the grass in pristine shape.

Frost and Rain
As the temperature dips below freezing, your artificial grass will freeze, like everything else. Simply leave the frost to melt naturally before use. Do not use shovels or rakes on frozen turf as you will tear the fibres and ruin your grass. Let the ice melt away naturally before use.

As a general rule wait for your surface to dry before you use it in the Winter Months. Artificial grass drains and dries rapidly.

To care for your lawn throughout the year we recommend that you invest in the following:

  • Hose to regular wash the lawn down
  • AGP cleaner and sanitiser to remove any harmful bacteria, moss or algae that can form on the surface. Dilute with water 1:20 parts.
  • A stiff bristle brush
  • Rake or blower to remove debris and leaves

Need a hand? 

AGP offers multiple Artificial Grass care and maintenance packages.
Find out more about our maintenance services and AGP cleaner & sanitiser here.

AGP Grass have launched a competition where one lucky UK householder will win £5000 worth of artificial grass and installation.

We are inviting householders to send us existing photos of their lawn along with a caption confirming in no more than 2 sentences why they want to replace their existing lawn with an artificial grass surface.

The winner will be announced at the end of August with their lawn being installed by October 1st.

The entries will be judged on originality with the best caption and photo rewarded with a total makeover. Entries are invited by simply posting a picture on our featured Facebook post attached with a reason why you’d like an artificial grass lawn, as well as liking and sharing the post.
Leave the rest to us and we’ll be in contact with the winner.

Transform your lifestyle by winning an AGP Artificial Grass makeover worth £5000….which includes the grass, our revolutionary cushion pad and complimentary installation.


agp grass pet friendly

Dog Friendly Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is becoming so popular with dog owners because its stain resistant, meaning a patch-free lawn!

Our exclusive range of artificial grass for dogs and pets are designed with your animals in mind, making your lawn durable, practical and animal friendly, not to mention value for money.

If you want a lawn that your pets can enjoy all year round without digging up holes or making a mess then AGP Artificial grass is for you. Our range of grasses are low maintenance and easy to clean ensuring that dirty kitchens, muddy paws and patchy lawns are consigned to history!!!

Our Grass and Cushion Pad allow urine to drain through the MOT and the surface. Droppings can be cleaned up in the normal way. We recommend that our dog owners regularly hose down their lawns using a concentrate of AGP sanitiser mixed with water (1:20) that keeps your grass looking and smelling as good as the first day it was installed.

“Both our dogs love running around on it without having muddy paws that they used to have” Rodney & Jennifer Hadwen


Contact us on 03333 553553 or email to book a complimentary survey!


Artificial Grass – Making The Pile Stand Up

Looking for UK made artificial grass to be installed?

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Our artificial grass comes with a 10 year warranty! 

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    A lot of people ask about how they make the pile of their artificial lawn stand up to give it that thick green look. The answer to this question depends on what type of artificial grass you have. 

    Artificial Grass is delivered in rolls like carpet and these rolls are wound tight meaning the pile of the grass is compressed in one direction. Due to this all artificial grass will look flat when rolled out by your installer. Many grasses require a sand infill with silica sand where the installer will brush sand into the grass fibres and this acts as a support for the yarn forcing them to stick up. The down side to these grasses is that having sand in your artificial lawn will mean pets and children will bring it into the house.

    At AGP Grass we only supply and install artificial grass that doesn’t require an infill. Our grasses are manufactured with springy thatch yarns deep in the pile. The brown thatch acts as a support for the main pile, but also adds a further dimension of realism, simulating blades of dead grass that you find in a natural turf lawn.

    artificial grass

    Even with this clever technology our grasses will arrive flat after transport and there are several methods we will use during and after installation to make sure your lawn will look its best.


    Power Brushing

    Every lawn laid by the AGP Team is brushed with a rotary petrol brush. This is important, especially in winter where the temperature of the grass from the warehouse will be cold, inhibiting the pile from standing up. Petrol power brushes can be hired from larger tool hire outlets, we also offer a manicure and care package that you can take advantage of.


     Heat is a huge factor in seeing the best from your artificial grass. Once the grass has been heated in the sun to 20 degrees Celsius or more, the grass will ‘pop its pile’. This means that the straight yarns and supporting thatch yarns stand up in the heat and allow the grass to truly exit its ‘transport mode’. Once in this state, your artificial grass will stay stood up and will not need brushing up that regularly under normal use. 


    As you can see in the picture, the grass looks flat and shiny.


    afterAfter just 15 minutes in the direct sunlight the grass has popped its pile, allowing the yarns to stand up giving it that deep and lush look.

    City Centre Installation

    AGP are one of the leading artificial grass suppliers and installers in the UK.  We pride ourselves with being able to supply and install an artificial lawn in any situation, no matter how big or small of an area the customer requires.

    In a busy city like Manchester with minimal space for a garden, we recognise the importance of making the most out open spaces. This is why we think artificial grass is the way forward in transforming an area for relaxing or entertaining with minimal maintenance. At AGP we have chosen to supply only the best European manufactured artificial grass which gives the most realistic look and feel, and is virtually indistinguishable to real turf.

    Our Care Package Plan ensures that your artificial grass retains its great look and feel no matter how much it is used and regardless of what the weather throws at it.  We also offer a range of easy to use care products so that your lawn can remain clean and in the best possible condition.

    As you can see from the photos below of our most recent installations in Castlefield, Manchester, our artificial grass can enhance any domestic, commercial or corporate area by creating a pristine lawn all year round . The pictures show a new lawn area for the offices to enjoy the Manchester sun on their lunch breaks!
    Office artificial grass                                                  GOPR1535-300x225

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