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Getting Your Garden Summer Ready

With the weather picking up and the sun finally rearing its head, it’s time to ensure your garden is in tip top shape. You may have neglected your garden over the long, cold winter months, but it really does deserve some care and attention. Whether you just want to relax outside over the weekend with a beer and the newspaper, or you’re having a few fun, family BBQs, you’ll need to get your garden summer ready. Here are our top tips for transforming your garden into a summer haven.


Tend to your lawn


It’s essential to keep your lawn well presented as an unkempt lawn can throw off the rest of your outdoor space. No matter how decorative or beautiful the rest of your garden is, a messy, patchy or brown lawn will ruin it entirely. If you have a healthy lawn simply get the lawnmower out, however, if you have a lot of bare patches or excessive browning, artificial grass might be an option. Once it has been installed, it requires next to no maintenance, which means by the time summer rolls around again next year, your lawn will be ready to use again. Edging your lawn is also a great way to give your garden an instant pick me up.




Never underestimate the impact a few garden accessories can have on a garden. Lighting is a big one. You can pick up some cheap solar lights from your local hardware store and place them strategically around your garden. They’re perfect for those lazy summer nights in the garden that seem to stretch on forever. A table and chair set for your patio or garden can be really useful during summer and if you already have some, give them a quick spruce before they’ll be needed again.


Refresh Your Patio or Decking


If you have a patio or a decking area now is the time to spruce it up! Get the pressure washer out, pull up any weeds and fix any repairs that need to be done. It’s important to have regular maintenance check ups on your patio, no matter what material you have down, to keep it looking fresh. Additionally, if you don’t have a patio area, installing one by your garden can give your outdoor area a clean, contemporary look. A patio is also useful if you have outdoor furniture as it provides a solid foundation. 

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