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What Makes Artificial Grass A Low Maintenance Option?

low maintenance artificial grass garden

Artificial grass is widely touted as a low maintenance lawn solution compared to natural grass. It’s one of the main benefits to installing artificial grass either at home or at a commercial property.

But what exactly makes artificial grass so low maintenance? Here, we explain.

No Weeding

Because artificial grass is not actually real grass, it does not produce any weeds. And you don’t have to worry about weeds sprouting through from your natural grass underneath either. A weed membrane and recycled plastic framework are put down before a grit sand layer is poured to ensure that once your artificial grass is installed over the top, there will be no weeds in sight! Say goodbye to back-breaking afternoons pulling weeds out of the ground.

No Mowing

One of the most popular and talked about benefits of artificial grass is the fact that you can do away with the dreaded lawn mower! Studies have revealed the nation’s least favourite household chore is mowing the lawn which luckily, you don’t have to do with artificial grass – because it doesn’t grow.

No Watering

Put the hose away because artificial grass does not need watering! With artificial grass it doesn’t need feeding or require water because again, it’s not real – despite it’s natural look. Not only does this save you time but it reduces your energy bills too as you’ll be using less water.

No Chemicals

Chemical usage can be a pain when maintaining a garden. Whether it’s pesticides to keep bugs away or chemicals to get rid of weeds, a lot of the time both residential and commercial gardens need to use a lot of chemicals on their lawns. Artificial grass does not need this saving you money, time and reducing the amount of toxins you’re exposed to.

So What Maintenance Does Artificial Grass Need?

Once your artificial grass is installed, all you need to do is brush your new lawn around once or month to keep the pile height. And that’s it! In summer, you can increase this to two brushes per month but that’s literally all the maintenance it needs. You can buy artificial grass online here from us at AGP Grass.

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