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Simply brush your lawn with a soft bristle brush once per month. Brushing the lawn will ensure that the Pile height remains upright. In the summer months as you use your lawn every day you may need to brush your lawn twice per month to keep the Pile High.


Any mess needs to be removed from the surface of your lawn straight away, The turf should be washed down with hot tap water and our special AGP cleaner and sanitiser should be used on a regular weekly basis to keep your lawn smelling beautiful and bacteria free.


During the Autumn and Winter months leaves will fall onto the lawn from any overhanging trees or shrubs. Leaves should be regularly removed or blown off the surface of your lawn to reduce the risk of any moss or weed growth on top of the surface.

artificial grass sanitiser


Remove any dirt or debris from the surface

Brush the surface to revitalise the pile height.

Cleanse the entire surface with AGP cleaner to clean the surface eliminating animal faeces, tree sap and dirt. In addition, the cleaner and sanitiser will ensure the ongoing breakdown of organic material and prevents the build up of harmful bacteria.
Our concentrated artificial grass cleaner and sanitisers have been specially formulated to clean your lawn whilst being non toxic, environmentally friendly and both pet and child friendly. Our treatment will leave your surface refreshed and smelling like a freshly cut lawn.

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