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Artificial Grass Samples

artificial grass

As a supplier and installer of Artificial Grass, we are in a great position to recycle our offcuts and minimise our environmental impact. Our specialist installation teams are trained to return any offcuts that can be used as samples. These offcuts are then carefully labelled and stored ready to be reborn as samples for our new customers. Each offcuts are cut into 30cm by 20cm squares in our warehouse.

We then use a hot glue gun to attach the relevant product information.

To further minimise our environmental impact, we encourage all of our customers to either post back samples for re-use, or to hand them to our installation team who will return them to the warehouse.

All of our samples are carried about by our team of friendly surveyors who use them to demonstrate the look, quality and feel of our different ranges of grasses. Our surveyors will normally leave a customer with a few choice samples for reference while a quote is compiled and sent out.

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