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AGP Grass Launch The AGP Care Club

agp care club

AGP Grass proudly launched in April 2016 the AGP Care Club. Every AGP Artificial Grass client automatically becomes a member of the AGP Care Club. Every member receives a complimentary 12 month Manicure and Make Over, 12 months from the date their Artificial lawn was fitted and installed. The AGP Customer services team will return near the first year anniversary of installing your AGP lawn and will give the surface a make over that includes a full petrol brush, a vacuum and a full sanitiser and deodoriser make over to leave your lawn as pristine as when it was first fitted …..smelling and looking A1 !!

As part of the AGP Care Club our clients will be offered after the first complimentary visit, an annual Manicure and Make Over Care package that will see us return year on year to ensure your lawn gets that little extra TLC !!  AGP sanitiser breaks down odours and bacteria. AGP cleaner deters weed or moss growth on top of the turf. Our makeover will revitalise the pile and will remove any pet hairs, leaves and dirt.

The Annual AGP Manicure and Care Package is competitively priced at £95 plus VAT per annum and includes a bottle of Sanitiser and a bottle of Cleaner.

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